Why Hand in Hand Children’s Occupational Therapy Centre?

At Hand in Hand Children’s Occupational Therapy centre, we aim to  provide the highest-quality evidence based assessment and intervention for children and families.

We specialise in Occupational Therapy with a family centred approach based on a relationship and engagement model for children and adolescents. Emir and Regina have an exceptional level of experience and training completed in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the USA.

There is no blanket, one size fits all approach at Hand in Hand Children’s Occupational Therapy Centre. Our intervention plans are developed to address the needs of each individual child and family. We support the child and family “hand-in-hand “on their journey.

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Online booking

Unfortunately our waitlist is now closed. Please refer to the Association of Occupational Therapist Ireland (AOTI)
for Occupational Therapy providers www.aoti.ie.

However we are continuing to provide Occupational Therapy Parent /Carer Workshops,
please see upcoming dates available.