My son has been working with Regina for 5 years. During this time our son has overcome many obstacles and struggles in his daily life with no where to turn, we found Regina. Regina has always been extremely helpful to my son, she pays attention to detail and listens to any worries that we might of had regarding our son and his disabilities. Only for Regina we would not have known our son is hypermobile, where as this was never picked up by other professionals. This has impacted on his daily life and now we are in the right direction, with therapy. Regina has always gone above and beyond for our son. Without any hesitation I would highly recommend Regina.


The OT support our family has received from Emir Crowley at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy Centre has been an essential piece in the jigsaw puzzle of supports our child needs to enable him to unlock his full potential.

The early intervention provided to our son at Hand in Hand Childrens Occupational Therapy Centre, where he has worked with Emir in intensive blocks to pinpoint and develop his sensory processing skills, has changed his life, and ours.

When our son leaves his sessions with Emir each week the benefit you see is immediate. He is calmer, happier and more in tune with the world around him.

Emir has a lovely way with our son, putting him at ease but also focusing him on his OT tasks, which are varied and fun. He responds to the stimulus from the excellent facilities at Hand in Hand Childrens Occupational Therapy Centre which are specially focused for paediatric OT. It helps that it appears as if it is a giant playground, rather than an OT clinic!

Emir has a vocational approach to her job. She has been one of our son’s strongest advocates, supporting not only us at home but also our son in his school environment. The teachers at his school follow an amazing programme put in place by Emir that fits into his school day, and enables him to focus on his work and relax in the play environment with his friends. The other children in the class benefit too!

The special education teacher at my son’s school said recently that they have never had a child with my son’s difficulties, respond so fully to the school environment, and that, she said, was due to the amount of work we do with him at home. I have to pass on a large part of the credit for that to Emir, who gave us so much knowledge, support – sometimes a shoulder to cry on – and at all times a great understanding of our son and an appreciation of his struggles.


My 5 year old daughter has been seeing Emir at Hand in Hand Occupational Therapy Centre for nearly a year now and has made some very positive gains during this time. Emir has a fantastic approach to working with children and has built a very strong bond with my daughter over this past year. Attending OT at Hand in Hand Childrens Occupational Therapy Centre is one of the highlights of my daughter’s week and this is a testament to Emir and the excellent facilities available at Hand in Hand. I would highly recommend Hand in Hand Childrens Occupational Therapy Centre to parents and children seeking Occupational Therapy services


Hand In Hand Children’s Occupational Therapy Centre was highly recommended to me by a crèche owner when I was looking for help for my son. He was struggling to keep up with speech development and was not advancing like his peers in pre-school. His time in Occupational Therapy in Hand in Hand Childrens Occupational Therapy Centre has been so crucial to his progress, most particularly in his preparations for going to school. He loves going to his sessions and has gained so much confidence. I couldn’t recommend Hand in Hand Childrens Occupational Therapy Centre highly enough”.